250+ Easy Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas for Beginners

Want to create awesome and easy doodles for your bullet journal? Here are some of my creative doodles that you can use for your bullet journal spreads!

doodle ideas for bullet journal

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Doodles are a fun way of making your bullet journal look cheerful and vibrant.

These cute drawings make it more pleasing to see and avoid dullness to your spreads.

It adds dynamics to your layouts which is a great way to mix things up and not use the same doodle over and over again.

In this blog post, I made my own bullet journal doodles that are easy to make and follow.

I choose not to make a step-by-step doodle tutorial because as promised, these freaking easy to do.

Some of these bullet journal doodle ideas are not originally mine and are inspired by the works of other creative people.

But I can guarantee you that I made it by myself and it took me several days to craft it.

Note: You can bookmark this page if you want to visit again for doodle inspiration. I will be updating this page as long as I have new ideas to share.

Let’s get started.

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Plant Doodle Ideas for Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas
Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas
Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

One of the best designs I can incorporate into my bullet journal is with these plant doodles.

I like having my spreads the earthly-vibe which adds a refreshing and cool ambiance.

These plant doodles are in fact, very easy to make.

Some of them are free-form patterns and shapes that are very easy to play around with and are perfect for those who can’t draw.

I also added minimal colors to these doodles which emphasizes their different characteristics.

Plant doodles are perfect to put in weekly spreads, health trackers, or even trackers that are dedicated to plants.

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Travel Doodle Ideas

travel bullet journal doodles

If you are fond of going out anywhere, then these awesome travel doodle ideas are perfect companion for your bullet journal spreads.

Of course, travel is strictly prohibited across the globe until now.

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These awesome travel doodles are best to place in your dream destination spreads, travel trackers, and more.

If you can notice my doodles, these are made candidly by hand.

Which means no help from a ruler, just pens and pads.

I made cute icons like a passport, a camera, a ship, a polaroid photo, knapsacks, and all things related to travel and adventure.

So, get start doodling now with these travel doodle icons.

Cute Random Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

This is the first-ever doodle set that I made so far.

It is completely a set of random doodles that consist of food and cute things.

But then I decided to group all my drawings because it seems like it’s cluttered and disorganized.

So, yeah, that’s how it all began.

Moreover, these drawings are very easy to make and won’t take you a lot of time and effort to do it.

Food and Drinks Doodle Ideas

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas
dinks bullet journal doodles

Be ready for a snack beside you because these food and drink doodle ideas will make you starve.

No, I’m kidding!

These food doodle ideas are best to place in your meal planner, or best restaurants to try.

I made breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts for that page.

The drinks page, however, is a collection of our favorite sips whatever the season is.

I have a coffee for winter, iced tea for summer, milk for autumn, and beer if you feel happy and cheer.

Mountain Doodle Ideas

mountain doodle ideas for bullet journal

If you love adventure, these mountain doodle ideas are great for you!

You can copy these designs or you can even make your own mountain doodles.

I like the fourth drawing, it attracts you right away because of its seamless pattern.

You can also add your own patterns too.

Space Doodle Ideas

Space Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Presenting space doodles!

If you love stars, moon, and intergalactic explorations, then these space doodle ideas will never go you wrong.

I think it’s best to draw these space doodles with your kids as these space stuff are so fun and will surely boost your child’s creative skills.

Crystal Doodle Ideas

Crystal Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Crystal doodles are my favorite among all other doodles out there.

I don’t know but there’s always this elegant feel when I saw a crystal whether it’s real or just a mere illustration.

These crystal doodles are a bit tricky.

When making these crystal doodles, make sure you connect all of its edges and avoid making curves.

Snowflakes Doodle Ideas

Snowflakes Bullet journal Ideas Doodles

Snowflake doodles are one of the easiest doodles to make because it follows a specific pattern that goes over and over again.

You can customize each arm depending on the design that you want, so it’s easy to play around with and experiment.

Among Us Doodle Ideas

Among Us Bullet journal dOODLES

Among us is by far the trendiest game today.

I am not playing this game because honestly, I am not into it.

I have so many things to get done every day.

But what got me to do it is simple.

They are so cute!

If you saw Despicable Me and Minions, these characters from Among Us and minions have these similarities.

These Among Us doodles are very easy to make. It’s just simple curves and turns.

So, you won’t spend a hard time making these.

Another thing, if you notice the hats are different. I made each hat different from each other to add personality to the characters.

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More Bullet Journal Doodles for You

bullet journal doodles planlikepro (6)
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro
bullet journal doodles planlikepro

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Bullet Journal Doodles
doodle ideas for bullet journal


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