9 Common Stressors That Are Affecting You

9 Common Stressors That Are Affecting You

Stressors, as defined, are any things that cause stress.

And yes, it is common to everyone because we all suffer from stress. What is more stressful, is that it affects our daily routine.

It destroys our time with our family due to stress from work or dealing with school demands.

However, it is important to take note of what are the common stressors that affect or might affect you, how to handle them, and how to avoid them.

In this article, I can’t promise you to have a stress-free life but I will show you ways to prevent it.

Without further delay, here are 9 common types of stressors that affect people.

9 Common Stressors in Life

1. Family Expectations

Family Problems

You know it’s hard and stressful when your family wants you to become the person they like. Sometimes, family members are too idealistic when it comes to what they want to happen to the member inside the family.

For example, your parents want you to become an engineer but your heart goes to the thing that you are passionate about, but you have nothing to do but to take their own path.

Which is not the right way, isn’t it?

The best thing to do is you MUST approach your parents regarding this matter. Talk to them honestly and solemnly.

If they started to listen to you, go ahead and spill everything.

If they still want to stick to their want, then maybe you can start to find alternative way that your parents might like.

But if they agree to go what you love, then you’re lucky.

2. School demands

School Problems

This type of stress is a common stressor among students.

Indeed, it is stressful when you have to beat deadlines and you’re working on loads of projects in a short span of time.

And also dealing with requirements for clearance to be signed just for you to take the exam and make sure you’ll get an A before the semester ends.

Not to mention cramming an hour before the test.

Seems stressful.

To avoid these from happening, you might consider studying ahead of time to prepare yourself for a test or doing your projects right away so when deadline comes, you’re ready to get over it.

3. Money

School Problems

Lack of money is somehow nerve-racking.

It can be a stressor when you want something to buy but ended up looking nothing in your wallet.

It is common among adults when they are tight budget, and struggles to where they can possibly find an income.

To overcome this stressor, you might find alternative ways to earn money like babysitting, selling artworks, or if you are not afraid to show yourself and fond of making people happy, then vlogging might be your new focus.

4. Peers

Stress from Work

You know, sometimes peers are causing you stress. When your peers, whether you’re at work or in school, started to show toxic behavior towards you then it is not normal.

It is good to talk with them about certain matters of why they treat you differently.

Problems are worth to be solve, right?

5. Relationship

Stress from Relationship

Relationship can be stressful sometimes. It is common to a relationship to suffer pitfalls, but it is not right to suffer it always.

Trust, infidelities, cheating are some of the common issues experience by couples inside a relationship.

Some made it resolved, but others decided to make their paths separate.

It is important to make a resolution after you made an argument with your partner, as this shows that you are still together whatever happens.

6. Surroundings

Stress from Surroundings

Surroundings can sometimes cause you stress. If you live in a noisy, polluted area can elevate your frustration.

For example, you want a good night sleep but your neighbor’s television volume is so loud that you almost know what is happening based on what they saw.

If you thought to move to another place due to stressful surroundings, it doesn’t necessarily end up like that.

All you have to do is to request your neighbor to turn down the volume of their TV especially late nights.

7. Time-deficiency

Stress due to lack of time

Everybody hates lack of time.

We want to do something but we can’t do it because our time is not enough or we’re run out of time. This totally sucks when you’re taking an exam and a few minutes left to pass the test paper and you’re not still in the half of the total items.

Total frustration.

8. Work

Stress from Work

Of course, stress from work is not common for everyone.

Just like school, work has deadlines too. You need to get things done before due date hits you hard.

It happens sometimes that you’re almost done doing your work, and then—piles of paper works came right up to you.

9. Unanticipated events

Stress from uncertain events

Accidents, natural calamities are those that came up a sudden and causing you stress.

We are not superhuman to stop this from happening, but it’s good to know that we can prevent it when it happens. And that is to keep yourself safe always.


And now that you knew the common types of stressors and ways to handle them, it is important also to cool down ourselves if we think that everything is too much and should be taken in moderation.

If you want a stress-free world, consider me—I want it too!

Stress-Free World

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