February 2021: Bullet Journal Spread Setup Inspiration

Have you setup your February plans? If you haven’t done it yet, you’re free to join me as I set up my February bullet journal spreads!

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february 2021 bullet journal setup ideas

February is finally here!

January has been great so far, with so many plans to make and fulfill.

In this post, I will show you my February bullet journal spreads and the elements that I applied to them.

You can follow along with me or copy my designs as long as you want.

I just want to pass the inspiration to others as I was inspired by making these spreads too.

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Still there? Let’s start setting up your bullet journal for February!

Setting up the cover

february 2021 bullet journal setup cover

My first spread is a simple wreath February calendar.

I choose this design because I found wreaths very elegant. Aren’t they?

It stands out on its own without any elements that support it.

I also decided to write the abbreviated word so that it won’t take up the whole page because my goal is to make it look simple and minimal.

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How to do this?

I use my Rotring compass to outline the wreath. It makes the job easier for me as it is very easy to use.

february 2021 bullet journal setup cover

If you don’t have a compass, you can use any round objects available at home or you can simply form a circle by your own.

For the wreaths, I used my gray and navy green brushes as they’re my chosen palette for this spread.

Setting up the weekly spread

february 2021 bullet journal setup weekly spread

After you set up the cover page, you can start making the weekly spread.

My weekly spread’s theme is the flowing abstract vines vibe which I found online.

I was fascinated by the elements used and made me decided to incorporate them into my weekly spread.

The main palettes I used are gray, soil brown, and golden yellow.

The title is a classic calligraphy style, which is a trend and never grows old. Right?

I also added bullets under the day titles so that I will be guided on where to put my daily plans.

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february 2021 bullet journal weekly spread

I usually write anywhere on the spread, and I found it so unorganized and messy.

Now, I learned my lesson.

If you noticed, I added a cute little playlist under the spread. It is a popular James Taylor classic, ‘Sweet Baby James’.

Forgive me if I wrote down the wrong title.

february 2021 bullet journal weekly

This is the continuation to the first spread.

As you can see, I added a rectangular box to write down the things I want to save for later.

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Setting up the goal tracker

february 2021 bullet journal setup cover

For the next spread, I decided to put up a goal tracker page.

This helps me track my small achievements and stick to them.

The design of this spread is simple: I used the same elements from the previous page and then put it here.

I made bullets for all the days of February and highlighted the lines alternatively.

I used gray for my highlighter so that it would relate to the palette I chose.

Setting up weekly goals

february 2021 bullet journal setup cover

The next spread is also a goals page but the difference is I want to track my weekly goals for the month.

So, this means a bit larger goals!

The design is the same as usual but if you noticed, I added some floral elements to my spread.

I haven’t done floral designs to my spreads before except for this one.

I want to make floral doodles soon.

In a nutshell

The spreads that I made for this month is basically the usual spreads everybody is doing every time the new month change.

You can add as many bullet journal spreads as you want.

That’s it for now and thank you for setting the February 2021 Bullet Journal with me.

If you love everything that’s happening here, please leave a comment down below!

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february 2021 bullet journal setup ideas


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