How To Bullet Journal Like A Pro (Ultimate Guide)

Want to start bullet journaling? Here’s a definitive guide to help you get started and start setting up your first bullet journal.


Bullet journal has been a buzz for so many people because of its productivity and effectivity that it brought to them for many years, and I couldn’t agree more.

While some of you are still tied to the casual way of planning, the bullet journal method is the creative way to improve how you plan and organize.

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You probably saw this method on Instagram or Pinterest, which I don’t doubt because there are thousands of users who are posting their own bullet journals and there are still more that’s joining the bujo-bubble.

In this post, if you haven’t started yet, I will guide your way in the bullet journaling world so that you too can start becoming more productive and efficient as possible.

What is bullet journal?

Bullet journal or bullet journaling is a method of organizing tasks made popular by Ryder Carroll. The intention of bullet journal is to combine all your to-do lists, ideas, event schedules into one single bundle.

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All spread used in a bullet journal is usually handwritten. Doodles, fonts, and other popular layouts are made by hand as well.

If you’re thinking twice because you are not confident to show your penmanship, keep in mind that there are no rules when starting a bullet journal.

Do not overcomplicate it. Do it simple!

is bullet journal good for you

Is bullet Journaling Good for you?

Things that bullet journaling has helped me:

  • It helped me improved my organization skills.
  • It helped me become more creative and elaborative.
  • It made me become more futuristic.
  • It helped me become more committed.
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How to start a bullet journal for beginners?

Basic Bullet Journal Supplies

Here are some of the four basic stationery supplies that you need when starting a bullet journal:

  • Pen
  • Journal
  • Color Markers
  • Ruler

Where to buy these bullet journal supplies?

For some, Amazon is the most convenient way to stationery supplies for your bullet journal. If you are leaving near a stationery shop, you can easily access them in minutes.

But as COVID-19 still raging, it is best to shop supplies online for your bullet journal.

Things You Should Include in Your Bullet Journal

Here are the things that I recommend to include in your bullet journal:

  • Achievement Tracker
  • Baby Name Ideas
  • Birthday Planner
  • Blog Content Ideas Planner
  • Books to Read
  • Class Schedule
  • Contacts List
  • Daily Planner
  • Dream Log
  • Dream Travel Planner
  • Fitness Planner
  • Goal Tracker
  • Grocery List
  • Holiday Season Christmas Planner
  • Language Tracker
  • Monthly Budget Planner
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Monthly Planner
  • Mood Tracker
  • Movies to Binge
  • Post Pandemic Planner
  • Recipes to Try
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Summer Bucket List
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Self-Care Checklist

If you want these all in your bullet journal, get my adorable All-in-One Lifetime Printable Planner Bundle to help you get started.

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Bullet Journal FAQ’s

Can you bullet journal on lined paper?

Of course! You can do bullet journal even on lined paper. But the best practice of bullet journaling is a blank page of paper or dotted/grid type of paper. In this way, you will be able to write and draw things wherever you like without having to worry about the guidelines on the lined paper.

Can a bullet journal be digital?

Yes! Bullet journals can also be on digital. Many bullet journal users prefer to do it on their iPad or computer. The advantage of digital bullet journaling is that it can be easily accessed wherever you are and you don’t have to mind about bulky journals. But this option can be up to you.

What is the best size for bullet journal?

I would recommend A4 or A5, as this is the right size for bullet journals. Don’t go to big size journals as they will take up a lot of space and will surely require a lot of effort to spare, and don’t buy small journals that are tiny enough to establish your goals.

Can a bullet journal be a diary?

Yes, a bullet journal can sometimes be use as a diary. Bullet journal is a well-established kind-of-diary as compared to the traditional way of documenting and jotting down the things you did the entire day.

When is the best time to start a bullet journal?

Anytime! If you think that you cannot do bullet journal because January is over or it’s in the middle of the year, you’re thinking wrong. You can start bullet journaling any day as long you have the courage to do it and commit to it.

Is bullet journal a planner?

Basically, yes! Bullet journal contains all your ideas, schedules, and life plans in one single notebook.

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