How to Make a Realistic DIY Paper Craft Sunflower

sunflower paper craft

Paper craft sunflowers are one of the easiest and fun DIY projects to do for kids and kids-at-heart.

This paper craft idea can be the best bonding moments for moms to their kids, especially now that where we are all staying at home and the kids are there on their Zoom class.

This paper craft sunflower won’t take a lot of materials, in fact, it won’t cost you so much.

Enough talking, let’s get in to the project!

Materials needed:

  • 2 sheets of black construction paper
  • 1 sheet of mustard yellow construction paper
  • 1 sheet of bright yellow paper
  • Glue

Get these materials now and let’s get started. You can bookmark this page if you need to pause for a while.

Making Paper Craft Sunflower Seeds

Step 1: Cut 5 pieces of black construction paper. Measure 5x30cm each strip. This will serve as our base for the sunflower.

step 1 construction paper craft sunflowers

Step 2: Fold each strip in to half. Fold it again twice. Do these with the remaining 4 strips.

paper craft sunflower folded
paper craft sunflower folded in half
paper craft sunflower folded twice

Step 3: Look for the folded part underneath the open edges. Cut them into small strips but make sure do not to cut the bottom edge.

cut strips paper craft sunflower

Step 4: When you open it, it should look like below. Then, add a minimal amount of glue at the bottom of the edge.

paper craft sunflowers with glue

Repeat the same process for the last 4 strips.

black construction paper

Rolling Out Sunflower Seeds

Step 5: Start rolling out the strips. Continue rolling out the rest of strips.

paper craft sunflower rolled
paper craft sunflower rolled again

After you’ve rolled every strip together, it should look like this.

paper craft sunflower rolled again twice

Step 6: Cut 3 pieces of 5x30cm mustard yellow strips. Repeat the same process just as we did on those black strips.

byellow strips
byellow strips folded
byellow strips folded cut

Step 7: Then wraps these yellow strips to the seeds that we did a while ago.

byellow strips folded cut

Now for the Petals

Step 8: For our petals, we need 5 pieces of of bright yellow strips measuring 5x20cm each.

byellow folded

Step 9: Fold it in half, and then fold it again. It should look like this.

yellow paper folded twice

Step 10: Next we’ll need to draw like a candle-like flame into the paper. Do it like this.

drawn candle flame on a piece of paper

Make sure to add enough space at the bottom as this will be pasted to the base seeds we did early on.

Step 11: Cut the pattern, and make sure to cut a little bit at the bottom side of the petal. Do it like this.

yellow color paper

Step 12: Now we need to add glue at the bottom center of the petals.

yellow paper glued

Step 13: Now for the last part, wrap the petals that we’ve made to base seeds. Once done, your sunflower paper craft is now ready to display!

yellow strips added to the seeds
beautiful sunflower paper craft

There you have it! A full of radiant paper craft sunflower.

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