20+ Creative Smash Book Page Ideas for Beginners

what is a smash book

What is a smash book?

Smash book is a sort of a journal-like page where you put all the things hand-drawn, watercolor paintings, sequins crafts, graffiti arts, and so many more.

Although it has the same design ideas from journals and scrapbooks, smash book doesn’t involve planning. But you can also write down your thoughts here.

It’s a collection of your favorite pieces of stuff compiled in one book.

Here’s a video explaining more what smash book is:

What is a smash book?

How to make a smash book?

To make a smash book, you need basic materials including a notebook or a journal, construction papers, glue, and other decorations to make it more appealing.

Most of the time, I want to cut out magazine pictures and graphics to make my smash book more personalized.

You can also add as many decorations as you want. There is no rule of thumb when making a smash book.

Here’s a tutorial in starting your own smash book:

So, in this post, I’ve compiled awesome smash book ideas that will inspire you so that you can start making it your own.

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24 Smash Book Page Ideas

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There you have it, 20+ creative smash book ideas for beginners.

I hope this inspires you to make your own smash book and start showing your creativity and thoughts.

If this post helped you, please leave a comment down below so that I will be notified.

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